My name is Judith Hill. My favorite topic is Transformation. Prior to being a photographer, I was an economic developer in Nashville and worked on a team that has transformed the city of Nashville. In my personal life I have been on a path of transformation for many years. In my relationships, I love to help friends and love ones transform and get unstuck. And in my portrait sessions, we transform the way you see yourself, and when you transform so do I. That is the very reason I am dedicating my life's work to this craft. 

The reality is that we all want to feel something. We want to feel accepted, loved, desired, valued, confident and empowered. This is what my sessions are all about. That is the gift I give through my lens and sometimes the outcome is transformation.

If you have ever disliked a picture taken of you, or avoid the camera altogether, I invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation and allow us to hear you, then create something you'll love. 

Judith Hill Photography, based in the Nashville area, specializes in Beauty, Personal Branding/Business Head Shot, and Fine Art. Beauty photography is a contemporary "magazine style" portrait experience provided for you. You can experience it solo or bring a friend, sister, mother, partner, pet to enjoy. Treat yourself to a photo shoot and make over that you forever remember. Let me show you how beautiful you are.

Everyone deserves a beautiful portrait including you.

Much Love,


Judith's work has been featured on the Today Show, Billboard Magazine, Country Weekly, Flat Pick Magazine Cover and Conceptual Fine Art Magazine.